October 24, 2020

IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 151 is available for testing

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IPFire is a Linux distribution, which focuses on ease of equipment, easy operation, and a high level of security. It is an intuitive web-based interface for operational management, the interface for the novice and experienced system administrator to provide a lot of intuitive configuration options. IPFire is maintained by a group of developers who are concerned about security and frequently update the product to keep it safe. IPFire comes with a custom package manager called Pakfire, which can also be extended with a variety of attachments.

IPFire 2.25 – Core Update 151 is available for testing.


Improvements to IPFire Location

Since the rollout of our new location database, we have made various improvements on the software implementation to increase accuracy and speed. These are now all included in this Core Update.

In addition to that, we now show whether an IP address is marked as an “anonymous proxy”, “satellite provider” or “anycast” which helps debugging network issues and investigating attacks.


  • OpenSSH has been updated an no longer supports using SHA1 in the key exchange. Some outdated clients might not be able to connect to the IPFire SSH console any more. Please update your SSH client if you are encountering any problems.
  • A bug has been fixed that IPsec connections where not properly shut down when deleted on the web user interface. The connection was often re-established before it has been removed from the IPsec configuration which could keep it active until the next reboot.
  • Marcel Follert has contributed two new packages: ncdu – a graphical disk usage monitor, and lshw – a tool that shows installed hardware to the system
  • Updated packages: binutils 2.35.1, boost 1.71.0, cmake 3.18.3, dhcpcd 9.1.4, fontconfig 2.13.1, freetype 2.10.2, iptables 1.8.5, knot 3.0.0, lcms2 2.9, libgcrypt 1.8.6, libidn 1.36, libloc 0.9.4, libnetfilter_conntrack 1.0.8, libnetfilter_queue 1.0.5, lmdb 0.9.24, logwatch 7.5.4, openjpeg 2.3.1, openssl 1.1.1h, poppler 0.89.0, qpdf 10.0.1, strongswan 5.9.0
  • Various Perl modules have been updated by Matthias Fischer: Digest::SHA1 2.13, Digest::HMAC 1.03, Net::DNS 1.25, Net::SSLeay 1.88


  • Updated packages: avahi 0.8, bacula 9.6.6, cups 2.3.3, cups-filters 1.27.4, dnsdist 1.5.1, freeradius 3.0.21, Git 2.28.0, guardianhaproxy 2.2.4, iptraf-ng 1.2.1, keepalived 2.1.5, libmicrohttpd 0.9.71, libsolv 0.7.14, lynis 3.0.0, nginx 1.19.2, stunnel 5.56