Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

How the diving wristwatches are more demanding

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Talking constructively about the features of the excellent diving watch, there are numerous choices of diving watches, but they do not meet the minimum requirements of all advanced scuba divers. The question is. Even though nowadays quartz crystal scuba divers sink without any computer device. Bringing a real diving wristwatch as a secondary control system will build confidence and become a life-saving garment in the event of a primary malfunction. Another useful substance is watches made of domestic sapphire crystals that cannot be scratched by the light rays of sunken ships. If you are interested in stylish watches and want to buy, Rolex Daytona is the best choice for you, just need to visit here and get.


The first important factor, when comparing diving computers, is that they must be mechanical devices. Most manufacturers today clearly understand that diamond watches require a tight and tightly sealed body. The body should be made mainly of high-quality steel or pure titanium, or it should not be multi-piece. Tag Heuer watches are an excellent example of a body covering.

The durable dial of watches and shape

Typically, diving watches have a thick circular section between their body and cover snap, coupled with screwing. It should have considered side protection to avoid hammer and trauma stress. For these reasons, some manufacturers have moved the watch winder from a weak spot behind the “3” digit. For example, this architectural feature is found on Citizen, Ike Pod, and Sun watches.

Attractive color and display of watches

Wristwatches that have all these features can easily protect up to 10 environments, up to 330 feet of water. Most professional scuba diving watches can withstand high water pressure. Some models of Tag Heuer and Sector watches allow you to dive to a depth of 3280 feet (if you dare)! Sunlight cannot reach that depth, so your diver watches need large, bright self-glowing digits so you can easily see the time, even in extremely low light conditions. The display should have a marker with a limit of 5 minutes and should be visible from underwater feet. The same needs apply to hands and markers.

The best watch features suggested

Deep-sea diving requires us to know how much time passes, not just during the day but also from the beginning. For this reason, divers should have advanced diving wristwatch rotating bezels to limit driving time and safety stops with the diver time marker. We suggest you look for a watch model where the bezel is merely rotating clockwise. In the case of accidental rotation, the diving time will be shorter, will not belong, and the possibility of diving will be avoided.

Which causes putrefaction diseases?

When buying a new or second-hand diving watch, they should test it to qualify for these standards:
• Readable dial
• Anti-magnetic behavior
• Shock resistance
• The bezel only rotates clockwise
• Bracelet, hook and rim reliable

Clocks should also not be affected by the difference between saltwater and temperature swing. Watches work best with all of these conditions. Yes, it makes it challenging to prepare, but comparing human life, it is precious!