Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Windows 10 v2004 causes problems with the Intel Optane

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Optane Memory is a high-performance device that Intel introduced between traditional memory and storage. Intel said that most top companies are currently using Optane Memory.

However, although the hardware is more powerful, it also needs support from the software. If the software is incompatible, it is useless even if the user deploys the Optane Memory.

For example, Microsoft Windows 10 Version 2004 version is not compatible with Optane Memory. In fact, this problem has not been fixed for a long time.

Intel Graphics Driver

According to windowslatest reports, as early as in the testing phase, users reported to Microsoft that the new version is not compatible with Optane memory. An unknown problem will cause Optane memory to work abnormally.

But as usual, even if there is user feedback, Microsoft may not notice or follow up and investigate, this problem still exists until the official version is released.

After the release of the new official version, more and more users have reported that Optane memory cannot work. In fact, Microsoft has not mentioned this issue in the logs at all.

It is interesting that Microsoft did not confirm the problem and did not push the new version update to users equipped with Optane memory. This operation really confused many users.