iOS 11.0.1 battery life is still bad

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Apple launched a few days ago iOS 11.0.1 update, trying to repair published in iOS 11 found some of the problems. Unfortunately, iOS 11.0.1 still has at least one problem that can not be solved. On many devices that installed iOS 11.0.1, including the iPhone 7 and the latest release of the iPhone 8, its battery life performance is still worse than everyone’s expectations. In the Apple official support forum and Reddit and other sites, are full of users complained. Because in most cases, the life of these devices are far less than iOS 10, or even full of only half a day after the time.

Foreign media Soft Pedia editor pointed out that after the installation of iOS 11.0.1 update, they have an iPhone 7 also encountered the same problem, and the current no way to work.

It proves that there is no change in the device even if it is completely reset, so it is unlikely that it will simply be a mere application compatibility issue, but a bug that affects the operating system – because in a small amount of use, the device will About 70% of the electricity consumed in about 6 hours.

In the iOS 11 earlier beta period, high power consumption and poor endurance has been a problem. However, after a stable release and pure installation, the problem persists.

Reddit users pointed out that even if those who did not join the beta project of the old models, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, but also suffered the life of iOS 11 is not to force the problem.

Of course, there are individual users claim that their iPhone in the installation of iOS 11 after the performance is also good. But after many of the recent devices updated iOS 11.0.1, the number of complaints about battery life is still growing steadily.

At present, in addition to downgrade to iOS 10.3.3, there seems to be no other way to overcome the problem of deterioration of iOS 11 life.

But this is just an expedient, Apple is expected in the next few weeks to stop issuing the version of the system. As for the details of the bug, Apple has so far kept tight-lipped, I hope the company can completely solve the problem in the new version of the problem.

Reference: Soft Pedia

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