NetMarketShare September data: Windows faces Mac OS and Linux threats


NetMarketShare in September to provide statistics show that Windows is currently the most popular desktop operating system, the market share of not less than 88.88%, Apple Mac OS is runner-up, but the market share is still far behind, only 6.29%, while Linux Compared with 4.83%. Although the gap is great, Microsoft did not take it lightly.

First of all, Windows market share from last month’s 90.70% to 88.88%, which means that in just 30 days, Windows lost 1.84% market share, Microsoft has completed Windows Creators Update, is preparing to launch the fall creator update.

Second, Apple MacOS operating system market share from 5.945 last month increased to 6.29%, which is the largest market share since May this year to enhance the rate, in May this year, Apple MacOS operating system market share is 6.39%, and then all the way down 5.94% of the month. Finally, the Linux market share, from 3.37% a month ago to 4.83%, this growth is impressive, especially because of Linux in May when the market share of only 1.99% of the case.

Microsoft said there are still 1.5 billion Windows computers, but Linux and MacOS market share growth so fast, which will challenge the software giant.


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