Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Intel released Vulkan DRIconf framework update to optimize the game engine

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As we all know, optimizing game drivers can be a chore. Every time a new AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel driver is released, there are a lot of fixes and a long list of known issues. However, the latest Vulkan developments can now reduce the time and effort required to optimize common errors, such as fixing game engine errors.

Intel today released an update to the Vulkan DRIconf framework, and its ANV and AMD Radeon RADV Vulkan drivers can use the more detailed parts of the game engine to address a wide range of engine defects.

AMD RX 590
Image: AMD

Due to improvements in VkInstance and VkApplicationInfo, many of the details needed for development and tuning, such as application name, application version, engine name, and engine version – have entered a definable state, in other words, DRIconf allows developers are defined separately in each application/game to store and load the visual quality settings of the OpenGL / Vulkan drivers.

Intel has also added a patch called “VK_X11_strict_image_count behavior” for Unreal Engine 4 errors, which prevents UE4-based games from launching Vulkan drivers.

AMD has also made some good progress in Vulkan support, and the company recently launched a driver specifically for further expansion of Vulkan support.

Via: Phoronix