Intel released the 9th gen processors benchmark test result, better than AMD RYZEN 3000

At the Taipei International Computex 2019, Intel has promised to collect real-world benchmark data to prove that the Core processor is still better than the AMD RYZEN 3000 processor. Intel has released these benchmark results a few days ago. Intel said the data comes from computer data in the real world rather than from laboratory test data. Intel showcases the 9th gen processors benchmark test result and hopes to prove that the 9th generation Core series processors will still be able to defeat the AMD Ryzen 3000 series.

The benchmark report released by Intel covers a lot of data, but the summary results of various data prove that Intel 9th gen processors are still better than the AMD RYZEN 3000 series. Of course, this looks like Intel’s gimmicks are used to respond to the current rumors that the company’s new CPU performance in the processor market is not good. Intel said that the AMD RYZEN 3000 series processors are shrinking the gap with the Core processors. But in the end, Intel’s report concludes that Intel 9th gen processors are still leading the industry.

When Intel launched the Intel Core i9-9900K a few years ago, it was considered the world’s fastest game processor, and this has not changed. Intel didn’t choose to test in the lab and synthesize benchmark reports. Intel needs real data from popular games running on the Core Series platform. In contrast, Intel selected the AMD Ryzen 3900X processor for testing. This is a 12-core processor and the Core i9-9900K is just an 8-core processor.

Via: XFastest