Intel Meteor Lake-S processor pictures: Larger IHS, supporting LGA 1851 socket

Intel will introduce Meteor Lake this year, utilizing the second generation of hybrid architecture technology. The P-Core will activate the Redwood Cove architecture, replacing the existing Golden Cove architecture, while the E-Core will switch to the Crestmont architecture, supplanting the Gracemont design. Concurrently, a Tile design will be employed, allowing different modules to be manufactured using diverse process nodes, then stacked and interconnected using EMIB technology, along with Foveros packaging technology.

At present, we have ascertained that Meteor Lake is solely aimed at the mobile platform. The 14th generation Core for the desktop platform is Raptor Lake Refresh, and Meteor Lake-S will not be featured. It should be noted that in the past few months, there has been some vacillation surrounding the news of whether Intel would cancel Meteor Lake-S. The matter was definitively settled when Intel announced a major upgrade to the Core brand, confirming its absence.

Recently, Twitter user @wxnod released an image of an Intel processor, labeled “Intel Confidential NA QDF4,” possessing an integrated heat spreader (IHS) larger than the existing Raptor Lake-S, seemingly supporting the new LGA 1851 socket instead of the LGA 1700 socket. According to prior rumors, the LGA 1851 and LGA 1700 have identical dimensions, but the integrated heat spreader’s height ranges from 6.83mm to 7.49mm, a slight alteration from the LGA 1700’s 6.73mm to 7.4mm.

It is speculated that this chip could be the already canceled Meteor Lake-S or even Arrow Lake-S. Intel may already have Meteor Lake-S’s ES chip and platform, only deciding to cancel the project at the last moment. Although the 14th generation Core will continue to utilize the LGA 1700 socket, the upcoming Arrow Lake-S will still switch to the LGA 1851 socket, at which time a comparison can be made with the chip in the image.