Intel CEO says Meteor Lake will be our next “Centrino moment”

After enduring losses for two consecutive quarters, Intel reclaimed profitability in the second quarter of 2023, maintaining an optimistic attitude toward the market outlook for the latter half of the year. Recently, Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, granted an interview to the media.

Mr. Gelsinger believes that the PC market may have traversed its darkest hour, and a more luminous future lies ahead. This optimistic sentiment is largely attributed to the amelioration of expectations for the PC market, as Gelsinger discerns promising signs of demand. Currently, Intel’s client PC inventory has been progressively adjusted to a healthy level, a fact evident in the quarter-on-quarter comparisons. Nevertheless, Intel still grapples with some inventory challenges, primarily concentrated in the networking and data center domains.

Intel processor increase price

Gelsinger anticipates that the forthcoming Meteor Lake will herald Intel’s next “Centrino Moment.” Intel introduced Centrino in 2003, establishing itself as the sole supplier offering a fully integrated PC platform with Wi-Fi and an appropriate software stack. In Gelsinger’s view, Meteor Lake, as the first client CPU employing multi-chip design and incorporating AI accelerators, will enhance applications such as real-time language translation, transcription, and video effects. It is poised to spearhead a new trend, positioning Intel at the forefront and unlocking further opportunities for growth.

Regarding the recently burgeoning artificial intelligence market, Gelsinger concedes that Intel’s performance has not been as proactive as it might have been. He also acknowledges NVIDIA as a formidable competitor, leading in the AI sector and commanding the market initiative. Intel has charted a roadmap for its Gaudi product line, with the next-generation Gaudi 3 already making its appearance in the laboratory, projected for arrival in 2025.