Intel Arc A580 Benchmark Test Results Leak

Last year, Intel introduced the codenamed Alchemist (DG2) products under the Intel Arc brand at the independent graphics card launch event, divided into two SoC designs, ACM-G10 and ACM-G11. The former is utilized for the mid-to-high-end models of Arc A750/770, while the latter targets the low-end models of Arc A380. According to Intel’s planning, there should also be an Arc A580 oriented toward the mainstream market, though it has yet to be launched.

Last week, some netizens discovered the Arc A580 appearing in the GFXBench 5.0 benchmark test, and the performance data has been uploaded to the database. Shortly after, this graphics card reappeared on the Geekbench scoring platform. The test results indicate that the Arc A580’s OpenCL score is 82992, almost on par with the RX 7600’s score of 82981, and approximately 14% behind the Arc A750’s score of 96801.

Based on Intel’s previously disclosed information, the Arc A580 should employ a reduced version of the ACM-G10 chip, boasting 24 Xe cores, enabling 3072 stream processors, a GPU frequency of 1700MHz, equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 video memory, a bandwidth of 512GB/s, and power consumption of 175W. However, the test result page displays that the Arc A580 GPU’s maximum frequency has reached 2400MHz, and the video memory is recognized as 6GB.

For some undisclosed reason, Intel has not yet brought the Arc A580 to market. However, the recent repeated sightings of the Arc A580 may suggest that Intel is preparing to launch this long-delayed product.