Intel Meteor Lake platforms will be used for all-in-one machines

Recently, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) and General Manager of the Client Computing Division engaged in an interview with the media outlet PC World. During the discourse, she confirmed the anticipated arrival of Meteor Lake on desktop platforms in 2024. Given the discrepancy between this statement and prior information, it has garnered considerable attention from the enthusiast community.

According to reports from Computerbase, Intel subsequently clarified Holthaus’s comments, elucidating that Meteor Lake represents an energy-efficient architecture intended to serve both mobile and desktop platforms, including devices such as All-In-One (AIO) systems. Intel intimates that a more detailed product breakdown will be forthcoming.

In essence, Holthaus implied that while Meteor Lake will indeed grace the desktop domain, it may not materialize in the form of the LGA 1851 socket. Instead, its debut might manifest through BGA packaging, essentially adapting mobile processors for desktop utilization. Viewed from another perspective, it can be reasonably deduced that Intel might have shelved Meteor Lake-S, with the next-gen LGA 1851 platform’s inaugural product likely being the Arrow Lake-S.