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Intel Meteor Lake platforms

Intel Meteor Lake platforms will be used for all-in-one machines

Recently, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) and General Manager of the Client Computing Division engaged in an interview with the media outlet PC World. During the discourse,...

Intel Meteor Lake-S processor

Intel has canceled Meteor Lake-S

Intel’s forthcoming generation, Meteor Lake, will utilize the second iteration of hybrid architecture technology, employing the Redwood Cove design for P-Cores, supplanting the current Golden Cove, and adapting the Crestmont design for E-Cores, replacing...

Intel cancel Meteor Lake-S

Intel is rumored to cancel Meteor Lake-S processors

Intel’s next-generation Meteor Lake will use the second-generation hybrid architecture technology, P-Core will use the Redwood Cove architecture to replace the current Golden Cove architecture, and E-Core will use the Crestmont architecture instead of...