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Intel Arrow Lake-S instruction sets

Intel Arrow Lake-S will support instruction sets such as AVX-VNNI

While Arrow Lake’s debut remains some distance away, Intel has preemptively fortified its ISV ecosystem to brace for the emergent technologies of the upcoming microarchitecture. In the instruction set reference guide released this July,...

Intel Arrow Lake-S benchmarks

Performance benchmarks for Intel Arrow Lake-S Leaked

Intel recently unveiled its client CPU roadmap for 2024-2025, anticipating the next-generation Arrow Lake to debut in the fourth quarter of the forthcoming year. The desktop version, Arrow Lake-S, is slated to upgrade its...

Intel Meteor Lake platforms

Intel Meteor Lake platforms will be used for all-in-one machines

Recently, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) and General Manager of the Client Computing Division engaged in an interview with the media outlet PC World. During the discourse,...