Intel is rumored to cancel Meteor Lake-S processors

Intel’s next-generation Meteor Lake will use the second-generation hybrid architecture technology, P-Core will use the Redwood Cove architecture to replace the current Golden Cove architecture, and E-Core will use the Crestmont architecture instead of the Gracemont architecture. It adopts a Tile design, and there will be four different modules, namely the computing module, SOC module, I/O module, and GPU module. These modules can be manufactured using different process nodes, then stacked, and then interconnected with Foveros using EMIB technology packaging technology.

Recently, Twitter user @OneRaichu revealed that Intel has decided to cancel the desktop version of Meteor Lake, which is the Meteor Lake-S with an LGA 1851 socket. However, Meteor Lake-S will exist in another way and will not be wasted in vain. Some products will be incorporated into Meteor Lake-P on the mobile platform, of which GT1 will be equipped with 64 EU iGPU.

It is not clear what caused Intel to make such a decision, but instead of Meteor Lake-S is Raptor Lake Refresh, which will appear later this year. This is not the first time that similar news has appeared. At the end of last year, there were rumors that Intel might cancel Meteor Lake-S.

According to past news, Intel intends to reduce the number of performance cores (Performance Core) of Meteor Lake-S while retaining the same number of energy efficiency cores (Efficient Core), meaning the maximum number of cores is 22, the full configuration list includes:
  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe Cores / 125W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe Cores / 65W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 22 (6P + 16E) / 4 Xe Cores / 35W TDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 14 (6P + 8E) / 4 Xe Cores / 65WTDP
  • Meteor Lake-S 14 (6P + 8E) / 4 Xe Cores / 35WTDP

Some people speculate that due to the reduction in the number of cores, the introduction of a modular design, and the introduction of a new process for the first time, the uncertainty of Meteor Lake-S increases, and the performance improvement is not necessarily ideal. Coupled with the recent unsatisfactory financial situation of Intel, cost reduction has become one of the main tasks, and cutting Meteor Lake-S is also part of its cost reduction and efficiency improvement plan.