Intel DG2 graphics card with 96/256 EUs appeared in the benchmark test

Previously, Raja Koduri, Intel’s senior vice president, chief architect, and general manager of the architecture, graphics, and software department, showed a picture of the GPU labeled DG2-512. This is the model with the highest specifications in the DG2 series, and it is also the only model that shows up and even leaked engineering samples. However, it is difficult to determine how many models there will be in the DG2 series. There have been many different specifications so far, and a DG2-448EU model was revealed some time ago, which makes people feel a bit confusing.

Intel DG2-128 & DG2-384 GPUs, Source: Igor’sLAB, VideoCardz

Recently, the DG2 series of graphics cards appeared in the Geekbench database. One is a model equipped with 96 execution units, and the other is equipped with 256 execution units, and they are all tested using the Alder Lake processor platform.

The former is currently known to have the lowest specifications in the DG2 series of graphics cards. This is likely to be the result of the same notebook manufacturer. The performance evaluation of the DG2 series is done.

Intel DG2 96EU & 256EU, Source: Geekbench

According to the data reality, the highest frequency of Xe-HPG 96EU is 1.2 GHz, and Xe-HPG 256EU is 1.4 GHz. However, there are still some problems with the parameter display. For example, the video memory may be affected by the type of benchmark test, which is displayed as 1.5GB and 6.22GB, respectively. The latter is even recognized as the “Intel(R) Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller.” The parameters of the Alder Lake processor participating in the test show that it is probably affected by the large and small cores. The basic frequency is 797 MHz, the turbo frequency is 3989 MHz, and the FCBGA 1744 socket is basically determined to be a laptop.

Intel Alder Lake 14C/20T mobile CPU, Source: Geekbench

VideoCardz said that Intel chose to pass the Alder Lake processor and DG2 series of independent display tests together, and it is possible to plan to combine the two as a platform for promotion.