Intel ARC graphics card has encountered a series of troubles

Although Intel released the Intel Arc brand Alchemist (DG2) discrete graphics card as early as the end of March, it was not until last month that Intel officially launched its first product for desktop platforms, the entry-level A380. Intel’s internal slide that appeared on the Internet earlier showed that the original plan was to launch the remaining four ARC desktop graphics cards on or after July 20, and OEMs would also sell them at the same time, while the retail market would have to wait until August. However, Intel has not yet determined a specific time, indicating that it is likely to be delayed. According to Igor’s Lab, Intel’s delay in taking action is due to a series of troubles.

It is rumored that some board card manufacturers are temporarily unable to accept a third GPU manufacturer because there is still a large amount of graphics card inventory on hand. At present, the entire graphics card market is in a downward trend, and funds are tied to it, resulting in a lack of excess funds for the marketing of new graphics cards. To ensure economic efficiency, it must be able to produce a certain amount, and it must be sold at a reasonable price. Intel is said to recommend that partners abandon the retail business and focus on system integrators and OEM customers, although this model will lead to lower profits.
At present, Intel’s ARC graphics cards are only sold in some regions. To make things even more troubling, at least one larger partner has completely stopped producing ARC graphics cards, rumored to be a quality issue. Of course, this is not necessarily the real reason, it may just be an excuse to escape.

In the second quarter 2022 earnings conference call, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the ARC A5 and A7 series desktop graphics cards will be launched in the third quarter, but did not mention a specific date.