Google Search enhances the accuracy of search when you use quotes

In addition to continue introducing more artificial intelligence analysis and judgment functions, and adding a design that can increase search accuracy through the second set of keywords, Google earlier added a spotlight to its search results to display the content associated with the full search term, rather than just showing search results formed by dismantling a single word within the sentence.

This update will focus on allowing the system to analyze the completeness of the keywords entered by the user to determine whether the entered words need to be split for search, and strengthen the use of quotation marks to improve the completeness of search terms.

For example, when a user searches for “Google Search”, the search results will display content related to the full “Google Search” in bold, it will not list “Google” and “Search” related items at the same time so that users can find the content they want more easily, and at the same time avoid too many unrelated contents affecting users’ search.

Since the current search behavior is becoming more and more diverse, Google Search has begun to add more language content which makes the computing mechanism behind the Google Search service more and more complex, rather than simply comparing keywords. It is also necessary to add more judgment conditions such as search scenarios and semantic understanding so that the results can be closer to the user’s search expectations.

Especially when more and more people search for specific content through a sentence, content fragment, or through many keywords at the same time, the system behind Google Search needs to sort out complete sentences or find content that matches all keywords at the same time, so as to try to accurately list the search results that may match the user’s expectations.