Intel announced the continued reorganization of the executive leadership team

Since Pat Gelsinger returned to Intel and took over as Bob Swan as the new CEO, Intel has made quite a few changes in a short period of time. In the IDM 2.0 strategy announced in March, Intel will set up a foundry service department to be responsible for third-party foundry business. This time it will issue an official announcement to announce the transfer of relevant parties. Two existing departments will be integrated and two new departments will be established, as well as two additional technical officers.
Intel Meteor Lake
Sandra Rivera will serve as executive vice president and general manager of the data center and artificial intelligence department, focusing on the development of leading data center products, and will also promote the company’s overall artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. Before that, she served as Intel’s chief personnel officer and led the Intel Network Platform Division. Intel reorganized its data center business, and the integrated data center and artificial intelligence department will be responsible for Xeon CPU, FPGA, and AI products. Nick McKeown will join Intel on July 6 to lead a network and edge division as senior vice president and general manager. This is the integration of the original network platform business unit, the Internet of things business unit, and the connection business unit into a single business unit.

In addition to the reorganization of the above two departments, there are the following two new departments. Greg Lavender will serve as chief technology officer (CTO), senior vice president, and general manager of the new software and advanced technology division, and Intel Labs will also be responsible. Previously, he served as senior vice president and CTO of VMware and also held important leadership positions at Citigroup, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems. The former chief architect Raja Koduri will be responsible for the accelerated computing system and graphics department, called AXG. This is a newly established department that focuses on Intel’s independent and integrated GPU and accelerator cards used by HPC

There are new people coming, it also means that old people will leave. The former Intel CEO candidate Navin Shenoy will leave on July 6. He currently serves as Intel’s executive vice president and general manager of the data platform business unit. He has served at Intel for 26 years and is also responsible for managing the client computing department and Intel Asia-Pacific.