Intel Core i9-11900KB processor benchmark results leaked

Earlier, Intel quietly launched four 11th-generation Core series desktop processors, namely Core i9-11900KB, i7-11700B, i5-11500B, and i3-11100B. It uses a 10nm SuperFin process, supports DDR4-3200 memory, and is configured with 16 PCIe Gen4 channels. Its TDP is 65W, but the Core i9-11900KB and i7-11700B can be configured down to 55W. At the same time, Intel has confirmed that it will use the Core i9-11900KB processor on the upcoming NUC 11 Extreme “Beast Canyon”.

Many people will be curious about the performance of this mysterious desktop Tiger Lake processor. Recently, TomsHardware reported the relevant benchmark results of the Intel Core i9-11900KB processor. The platform used is exactly NUC 11 Extreme “Beast Canyon”. The test results show that the performance is equivalent to the Rocket Lake processor.
The results may not fully reflect the performance in the actual games and applications, but the overall capabilities can still be seen. Considering that the parameter specifications of the Core i9-11900KB processor are relatively close to the Core i9-11900 processor, it is reasonable as a comparison. Although the Core i9-11900KB processor has a larger cache and TVB frequency, the power supply and cooling system of the NUC 11 Extreme may limit its performance.