Intel Alder Lake-S processors price

Intel will launch more 12th-generation Core series processors early next year to better cover the mid-end and low-end markets, mainly with models with a TDP of 65W. In addition to products equipped with both the Performance Core based on the Golden Cove architecture and the Efficient Core based on the Gracemont architecture, there are also models equipped with only the Performance Core. Whether it is composed of 8 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores, or Alder Lake-S composed of 6 P-Cores, both are configured with 32 groups of EUs.
Intel Alder Lake Windows 11

Although it is still sometime before Intel Alder Lake-S processors series processors are on the market, some retailers have already released the prices of some products, such as BestBuy in the United States. Since not all models are listed, it means that some models will be delayed after the official release of Intel, but it is enough to understand the pricing strategy of Intel’s 12th generation Core series processors.
Product BestBuy price
Number of cores/threads
Frequency Intel Smart Cache (L3) Size Model
Core i9-12900K $619.99 8P+8E/24 3.2~5.2 GHz 30MB BX8071512900K
Core i9-12900KF $589.99 8P+8E/24 3.2~5.2 GHz 30MB BX8071512900KF
Core i9-12900 $529.99 8P+8E/24 2.4~5.1 GHz 30MB BX8071512900
Core i9-12900F $509.99 8P+8E/24 2.4~5.1 GHz 30MB BX8071512900F
Core i7-12700K $419.99 8P+4E/20 3.6~5.0 GHz 25MB BX8071512700K
Core i7-12700KF $409.99 8P+4E/20 3.6~5.0 GHz 25MB BX8071512700KF
Core i7-12700 $359.99 8P+4E/20 2.1~4.9 GHz 25MB BX8071512700
Core i7-12700F $329.99 8P+4E/20 2.1~4.9 GHz 25MB BX8071512700F
Core i5-12600K $299.99 6P+4E/16 3.7~4.9 GHz 20MB BX8071512600K
Core i5-12600KF $269.99 6P+4E/16 3.7~4.9 GHz 20MB BX8071512600KF
Core i5-12600 $239.99 6P+0E/12 3.3~4.8 GHz 18MB BX8071512600
Core i5-12500 $219.99 6P+0E/12 3.0~4.6 GHz 18MB BX8071512500
Core i5-12400 $209.99 6P+0E/12 2.5~4.4 GHz 18MB BX8071512400
Core i5-12400F $179.99 6P+0E/12 2.5~4.4 GHz 18MB BX8071512400F
Core i3-12100 $139.99 4P+0E/8 3.3~4.3 GHz 12MB BX8071512100
Core i3-12100F $109.99 4P+0E/8 3.3~4.3 GHz 12MB BX8071512100F
Pentium G7400 $79.99 2P+0E/4 3.7 GHz 6MB BX80715G7400
Pentium G6900 $59.99 2P+0E/4 3.4 GHz 4MB BX80715G6900

Prices are all boxed products and will be equipped with Intel’s new CPU cooler.