Intel Laminar RH1 cooler for Alder Lake-S CPUs appears

Before, we have seen the Laminar RM1 radiator equipped with the 12th-generation Core non-K processor. This radiator will be equipped with Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Of course, Intel’s original radiator for the 12th generation Core is not limited to this one. There are also RS1 for Pentium and Celeron processors, and RH1 for Core i9.

Intel RH1, Source: Catsarestillpr1

Videocardz has now released photos of the Intel RH1 radiator with the highest specifications. From the photos, it is much higher than RM1, which means that the heat dissipation area is also much larger. Although they are all prepared for non-K processors with 65W TDP, the PL2 power of the Core i9-12900 is definitely much higher than that of the Core i7-12700 and the Core i5.

Unlike the RM1 where the side fins are made of plastic, the cooler fins of the Intel RH1 radiator are made of metal, which also has a heat dissipation effect. There is a wide light guide strip on the side of the radiator, and the radiator has two lines from the photo. The other should be the RGB signal line, so this aperture should support RGB synchronization. The specifications of this radiator are indeed much better than the original Intel radiators that were distributed in the past.