November 26, 2020

India will launch its own app store with no 30% commission

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Unreal Engine developer EPIC sued Google and Apple to the court to make store commissions become a hot spot again, and the issue of high store commissions has caused a lot of controversies.

In particular, Apple, which is very strong in terms of channels, has very strict management of store rake, whether it is a purely online service or not, Apple is forced to make rake from it.

This is also true. Now many well-known companies have begun to fight back against Apple tax and Google tax. Of course, the open Android system has little impact on most developers.

For example, Google recently announced that it has updated its developer policy to allow developers to list other stores without using Google channels, so there is no need to pay corresponding commission fees.

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However, it seems difficult for developers to compete with the platform over the issue of commission. It usually takes years for antitrust agencies and courts to complete the trial.

India is also paying attention to the problem of store selection. The media quoted the Indian government as saying that the country is planning to establish a localized application store. This kind of localized application store is used to replace Apple and Google stores and there is no fee rake.

An Indian government official said that the Android system has a 97% market share in India, so the Indian government believes it is necessary to help Indian IT companies.

Before we open one we need to know there will be takers for it,” said the government official, declining to be named as he is not authorized to speak with media.

Moreover, the Indian government even plans to use government power to force manufacturers to pre-install a localized application store. If this is fully implemented, it is estimated that manufacturers will not be able to refuse.

At present, neither Google nor Apple has issued a response to the above news. I don’t know how the Indian government would respond if it really forced Apple to open up Apple.

Via: Yahoo