ID@Xbox bring over 3,000 games to Xbox, and paid out more than $4 billion to developers

Unveiled at Gamescom in August 2013 and significantly expanded since 2014, ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s initiative supporting independent game developers, has disbursed over $4 billion to indie creators over the past decade and facilitated the release of more than 3,000 titles on the Xbox platform.

Spearheaded by Microsoft’s Director Chris Charla, ID@Xbox has aided over 3,000 independent games in attracting numerous players via the Xbox platform, with plans to launch an additional 3,000 titles. The program has also elevated the visibility of developers such as StudioMDHR Entertainment, creators of “Cuphead,” and House House, the studio behind “Untitled Goose Game,” enabling their games to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

At present, ID@Xbox has amassed over 5,000 game studios and independent developers from over 100 countries and regions. In its inaugural year, the program attracted approximately 200 indie developers, demonstrating its success in increasing the visibility of its creations.

Microsoft will continue to bolster the ID@Xbox initiative, including the introduction of a developer accelerator program to enable more indie creators to bring captivating games to players. Additionally, plans are underway to help independent developers distribute their games in physical disc format via retail markets and promote ID@Xbox-published indie titles through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service to a broader player base.

Chris Charla will engage with more developers at this year’s GDC 2023 and discuss the details of the developer accelerator program, further assisting developers in bringing their games to market more swiftly.