Ubisoft announces the launch of an artificial intelligence tool called Ghostwriter

During GDC 2023, Ubisoft unveiled an artificial intelligence tool called Ghostwriter, designed to facilitate the automatic generation of diverse dialogue for non-player characters (NPCs) in open-world game designs, simultaneously enhancing the naturalness of player interactions with these characters.

According to Ubisoft, this tool aims to reduce game development time, incorporate more natural interactive experiences, and allow game designers to allocate additional resources to primary development projects. However, numerous opinions express skepticism and even negative critiques of Ubisoft’s approach, arguing that employing AI-generated content will still necessitate time-consuming inspection and editing. For instance, a game writer from Santa Monica Studio, responsible for the God of War series under Sony Interactive Entertainment, criticized the approach, suggesting that investing in a larger budget to hire writers dedicated to crafting content would be more effective.

Although current generative AI technologies possess a degree of uncertainty, many believe that as these techniques mature and achieve reliable performance, they will inevitably yield significant benefits.