HyperX unveils Cloud III Wireless gaming headset

HyperX has unveiled its novel Cloud III Wireless gaming headphones. HyperX elucidates that this avant-garde offering, suffused with a reimagined design and a suite of contemporary features, promises unparalleled comfort and sonic richness. Its 2.4GHz wireless connectivity guarantees lag-free and steadfast audio output. Boasting an impressive battery longevity stretching up to 120 hours, it’s poised to enrapture gamers with a captivating cordless experience.

Weighing in at a modest 330g for the headphones alone, and 342g inclusive of the microphone, the Cloud III Wireless epitomizes sturdiness with its all-metal framework. Its steel headband, complemented by aluminum connecting braces, promises durability. Coupled with plush faux leather and tender memory foam ear cushions, as well as additional padding atop the headband, it ensures wearers are cocooned in utmost comfort, allowing them to lose themselves entirely in their gaming worlds. Empowered with a 53mm driver unit, meticulously tuned by HyperX’s audio maestros, it delivers pristine and pinpoint audio, capturing every nuance. The headphones also feature a 10mm detachable microphone, augmented with an LED mute indicator, while its internal metal mesh filter assures heightened clarity.

This state-of-the-art gaming headphone is adept with DTS Headphone:X, proffering lucid 3D audio. Not only does it excel in rendering precise and stellar soundscapes in gaming, but it also immerses users in an enveloping audio-visual experience during everyday entertainment. Gamers have the added luxury of refining the sound profiles via the HyperX NGenuity Software. Additionally, the Cloud III Wireless exhibits versatility, boasting compatibility with a myriad of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4/5, and the Nintendo Switch, underscoring its broad applicability.

The HyperX Cloud III Wireless is now gracing the shelves of HyperX’s official store within the US region, fetching a price tag of $169.99.