Huawei has a pilot plan to replace Android with the Russian Aurora operating system

Huawei has been under tremendous pressure since the Trump administration banned Huawei from doing business with US companies. Although the government later allowed the company to find a solution to the problem, a recent Google statement confirmed that Huawei would not be able to access most of Google’s services, including the Google Play store. This forced Huawei to get help from an unlikely source. According to Reuters, Huawei is developing a pilot program to replace Android with the Aurora operating system made in Russia.

Huawei ban

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A Huawei spokesperson further confirmed to Reuters that the company is interested in using Aurora as a replacement for Android. According to the spokesman, Huawei is discussing the terms with the Russian Ministry of Communications. Russia is discussing the use of Aurora OS on 360,000 Huawei tablets in August 2020. Huawei is interested in the project.

The Aurora operating system was developed by a Russian state-owned telecommunications company called Rostelecom. The company is currently choosing to test their operating systems through tablets and is exploring “a variety of collaborative options” with Huawei.

Huawei recently received a 90-day extension, and once it expires, the company will not be able to access Android updates. Huawei has developed its own operating system, but as previously reported, the operating system is not ready and will not be a replacement for Android.

Source: mspoweruser