Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

You can run Windows 95 as an app on Windows/Linux/Mac

1 min read

Windows 95 may be a perfect memory of a generation, but due to age, some young friends may not have touched it at all. Now, the opportunity to help you learn is coming. Slack developer Felix Rieseberg packaged Win95 into an application and shared it on GitHubWindows/Mac/Linux users can find a similar installation package download experience. The latest v2.2 version even fixed bugs, upgraded components, and built a snazzy new user interface.

Many experienced the external media of Windows 95 v1.0, the overall operation is very smooth, the classic minesweeper, FreeCell, notebook, drawing, writing board, and other programs work correctly, but IE browser, spaceball still needs to continue development.

According to the developer’s explanation on Twitter, he developed it with Electron, which is a cross-platform desktop application written with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.