Huawei calls for dialogue with U.S. President Biden to allow U.S. suppliers to supply Huawei

Previously, former US President Trump added Huawei to the list of regulated entities for unwarranted charges, which prevented US companies from conducting various transactions with Huawei.

These bans signed by Trump have caused Huawei to face serious difficulties, and now Trump has stepped down and left, but the bans signed before still restrict Huawei.

For this reason, Huawei has called for a dialogue with the Biden administration as soon as possible, so that US supply chain companies can re-cooperate with Huawei and continue to provide Huawei with various components.

Of course, Huawei also knows that it is unrealistic to lift the ban in a short time. Huawei hopes that the Biden government can adjust and issue temporary general supply licenses.

Huawei ban

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Huawei USA’s Chief Security Officer Andy Purdy says:

“We’re hoping that the Biden administration rather than bundling all the various issues together and using them for geopolitical negotiation with China, will look at individuals separately, such as the ability of American companies to sell to Huawei, at least $12 billion a year, which is about 40,000 jobs.”

We’ve been hurt very significantly in terms of the mobile devices, but we’re taking a very long term approach, and it’s helping us prioritize which products are most important. We are committed to this space. And even if we take a hit for a few more years, we are going to be in this space.

Although the U.S. government has issued licenses to some U.S. companies to allow supply to Huawei, the current situation is still anxious to threaten Huawei’s operations.

At present, such as Intel, AMD and Qualcomm have obtained temporary licenses, which will allow these US companies to supply Huawei within the scope of the license.

For example, Qualcomm is allowed to provide some 4G chip products to Huawei. Although Huawei cannot launch 5G mobile phones, it can provide 4G mobile phones to some overseas markets.

Therefore, Huawei hopes to start a dialogue with the Biden government. If more restrictions can be released, Huawei is expected to re-adjust the layout and restore the supply of mobile phones.

However, as Huawei’s US vice president said, it is not realistic to expect the US government to lift various bans in the short term, and it is more practical to expand the scope of licenses.

Via: Yahoo