Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Huawei vice president said that Huawei is applying for a trademark for the Hongmen/Ark operating system that replaces Android

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Huawei’s use of its own operating system to replace the Android system is already a problem, so now Huawei is applying for trademarks for related operating systems around the world. Of course, we already know that Huawei’s own operating system is called “HongMeng” OS in China and “Ark” or “Oak” OS in other parts of the world, and the operating system will provide support for Huawei series equipment. Recently, the vice president of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. also publicly confirmed this matter. This is an alternate operating system developed by Huawei to replace Google Android.

Huawei is currently applying for trademarks in various countries and regions around the world to protect the name of the Huawei operating system in compliance. At present, Huawei’s operating system is undergoing testing and is mainly testing in China. However, Huawei still hopes to continue to use the Android operating system instead of using Huawei’s own system.

However, it is currently forced to use Huawei’s operating system. Huawei’s series of devices will be pre-installed with the Hongmeng/Ark system.

Via: gizchina