Microsoft is considering adding a dedicated Office keyboard button

Microsoft has always labeled itself as a company committed to productivity, so it’s certainly not surprising that Microsoft wants to increase the efficiency of its computers. For example, Microsoft is now investigating and testing a new keyboard internally. This keyboard adds Office-specific buttons to the right of the space bar to improve user efficiency. As for why Microsoft wants to choose the right side of the space button, you think about whether you usually use the Alt, Menu and Crtl buttons on the right side of the space button.

The buttons on the right side of the space button were originally designed to be convenient for us, but most users may be accustomed to using the left button and ignoring the right side. Microsoft believes that these buttons are not enough to be used here, so Microsoft wants to add the exclusive buttons of Office software to the right of the space button.

From the internal investigation of the document in Microsoft, we can see that Microsoft is going to use the button between Alt and Crtl. This button is the menu button on the keyboard. Microsoft will also add a number of shortcuts to this exclusive button, allowing users to quickly open Office or create new documents in any window. Of course, Microsoft may need to continue to collect feedback from users, but Microsoft is currently investigating whether you are interested in it.