How to get more app downloads: top tips and hacks

With the increase in e-commerce and businesses shifting to the online space, there has been an increase in app development and usage. As of 2019, there were 204 billion app downloads worldwide. The number of app downloads has seen a steady rise in the past few years, and the projections show that this number will continue to grow in the coming years.

Having an app and mobile presence has become more and more of a necessity. Like all other parts of your business, planning and creating is one step, marketing, and advertising is the other part. To get maximum downloads for your app, you need to promote your app and give it maximum exposure. From creating the perfect landing page to selecting the perfect email signature, each decision factor into your app’s future.

With an increase in app development and usage, there is a lot of information to guide you through the process. Given that too much information can be overwhelming, we have streamlined essential parts, and we have curated the ultimate how to get more app downloads: top tips and hacks guide to make your life easier.

Create a perfect landing page

The landing page of your brand is one of the essential aspects of making a buying decision. It is also crucial in helping with app downloads. Make it easy for your target audience to interact with your brand and create a simple website with a landing page containing necessary information about your app.

A fluffy and confusing website can take away from your main message, which is to encourage that download and ultimately make a buying decision with your brand. Alternatively, a user-friendly and direct landing page will work as a hook for your prospects. Keep this in mind and create a perfect and succinct landing page. A little extra attention in creating a landing page can boost your app downloads and help you hit your download targets.

Promote your app with email marketing                    

Email marketing continues to be relevant in 2020, and its relevance is on a constant rise. For starters, use an email signature with an app download button. Include a personal email signature to include your call to action or CTA of downloading the app. This easy option will allow you to promote your app with all emails you send.

The purpose of your email marketing campaign is to keep your customers updated about the latest information about your brand, including your app. Use your email marketing platform to run a campaign with special offers. Encourage your customers to give you feedback. You can even collect a list of potential customers to test your app and run an email campaign about your app with them. Incorporate all these options and promote your app with email marketing for desired downloads.

Translate your app     

The world of the internet and apps has no boundaries. Consequently, you can promote your app across borders and within borders to a broader and more diverse audience. If you localize and translate your app to common languages such as Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or French, then you will have access to a much larger pool of prospects.

The last thing you want is to lose prospects and customers because of a language barrier. This simple step can open up new markets and customers for your brand. Translate your apps, because it is not complicated thanks to services like Google Translate. Integrating this simple feature can help you achieve more app downloads from a more diverse group of clientele and give your app the much-needed boost it deserves.


Offer limited discounts

Everybody likes a good offer, which is why most brands’ marketing and promotion tactics involve some promotion or offer. Including an offer is not just a marketing gimmick; it is also an opportunity for your brand to show appreciation and reward individuals who subscribe to your brand.

For example, you can offer your app for free or at half price for a promotional period to get more new users. This consideration will get your app the initial boost and reviews and set the stage for future paid downloads. Offer a limited discount to kickstart your downloads and to get the ball rolling. After the initial boost, you will have a pool of users and a better understanding of your brand’s user perspective.

The purpose is to build a group of dedicated users slowly and to use promotions and offers to showcase your app to a larger group of users.

Use professional images       

Humans are visual creatures. From choosing the right brand colors to the implications the colors have to pick the right images for your brand; each visible part of your brand is equally important. Create attractive images that entice your users and encourage them to download your app.

Professional images ensure that your marketing team is directing their efforts towards providing your brand the maximum exposure it deserves, while professionals take care of your image needs. Identifying which part of the branding process can be delegated and which feature requires in-house expertise is also a part of budgeting your expenses well. So, use professional images and give your prospects the best possible visuals of your brand.

Make a video

Given that visual representations perform well, it is nice to include videos in your app promotional mix. Make a video for your app to generate a lot of downloads. Decide what you want to communicate through your video and start building your video content accordingly. Things like how to use your app and your app’s benefits are great options for video content.


Prepare press release for media

After investing your effort and resources in crafting the perfect app, making it known to the broadest possible group of people will benefit your efforts. You should prepare a well-crafted press release and create outreach for potential media options for dispatch. Make sure you include things like details of the product and quotes from senior members of your team.

Including these elements will add to your credibility and efforts. Press releases are particularly significant because if someone features news with your product, your product will get a wider reach, and ultimately, you will get more app downloads.

Encourage reviews    

When you buy a product or service, it is human nature to sift through reviews. There are ways you can prepare your app to host and encourage reviews. Creating a stellar app is the bare minimum. Once you have that, you need to document the customer experiences along the way. Make it easy for your customers to leave feedback.

For example, include a plug-in to encourage your users to leave a review. In fact, you can achieve good positioning in the application stores through continual reviews. Plus, having many reviews means you have a lot of downloads, which will entice and encourage more customers to make more downloads.

The online marketplace is filled with creative buyers and sellers. While there are certain parts of your marketing process that require innovation, there are certain parts you need to adopt because they work.

For example, you need to create an email marketing campaign, and you have to include an email signature with it. But, choosing the image of your app can use a little bit of creativity. All of the tips above are ways to secure multiple app downloads once you have directed your efforts and resources towards creating the perfect app.