November 26, 2020

Windows 10 allow the user to quickly terminate processes without opening Task Manager

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In terms of task management, Microsoft has brought the game bar resource monitor to Windows 10. The Xbox Game Bar’s Resources widgets can also be used to view and terminate the process.

Of course, the traditional version of the task manager can also help us kill a specific process, but these tools require us to find the process one by one, which is slightly troublesome.

Is there a tool that can quickly use a keyboard shortcut to terminate the process on the window we open? The native version of Windows 10 does not support similar functions.

But the latest roadmap released by the PowerToys team mentions such features, and the team may help us quickly end the specific process.

It should be noted that PowerToys is a team composed of some Microsoft engineers, but this team is voluntary and therefore not included in Windows 10.

Xbox Game Bar Task Manager

Therefore, the functions supported by this tool will not be released with the change of Windows 10, so in terms of functions, development and updates need to be scheduled according to priority.

The idea of ​​the Quick Terminate function mentioned by the team in the roadmap is as follows: Allow users to use the Terminate window or keyboard shortcuts to quickly end a specific process.

Of course, this feature has not yet been developed. Due to limited resources, the team is currently focusing on improvements to the main functions of PowerToys and fixing known issues.

If it goes well, the Quick Terminate feature will come in an update sometime next year, users can download PowerToys to use these new features.

In addition to the Quick Terminate function, the PowerToys team also plans to develop an application management function, which can list all currently running processes and details. The user can quickly close an application including its accompanying process through this function.

The task manager can close some applications by ending the process, but sometimes the software has multiple processes that may require the user to operate many times in a row.

The application management function can forcibly close the application and its accompanying processes without the user’s multiple operations and essentially helps users simplify the operations they need.

Via: windowslatest