Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

HMD to launch Nokia Smart TV with a 43-inch display and Android 9 in India

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As early as November of last year, we already reported that HMD intends to launch Nokia Smart TV in India, and then the company did launch the first 55-inch Nokia TV in India. The latest news is that HMD intends to launch a Nokia-branded smart TV in India.

Nokia OEM TVs
“Nokia” by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine is licensed under CC0 1.0

HMD has just released a web page to warm up the new Nokia Smart TV, and the company expects to launch the TV in India later this month or early April. According to the source of the news, the upcoming Nokia Smart TV has a 43-inch display, LED backlight, and will be equipped with Android 9.0, which means it will support the Google Play Store.

Like the previous HMD Nokia TV, this TV will also support smart dimming technology. This technology can make the screen purer and have higher contrast when displaying black. According to relevant news, the TV will be sold exclusively in India through Flipkart for about $ 405.