September 25, 2020

Nokia plans to license Flipkart to produce OEM TVs in India next month

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Nokia will also enter the smart TV market. Nokia plans to partner with local e-commerce giant Flipkart to produce the first Nokia Smart TV next month, while others said that Nokia Smart TV can only be used in India.

According to relevant sources, the current finished product uses a 50-inch 4K Ultra HD panel, and the system will be equipped with Android 9.0, which means it will be able to download apps using the Google Play Store.

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One of the TV’s highlight points is the use of intelligent dimming technology, which is similar to local dimming/fine-tuning technology, which allows the screen to display black when it is purer, contrast higher.

Nokia Smart TV is expected to be available as soon as the next month and will only be sold on Flipkart. Flipkart said that the TV will only be available in India, at least for now, as this is part of the Indian government’s “Made in India” program.

Via: Indiatimes