Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Microsoft may hide Control Panel on Windows 10

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The Control Panel is a collection of multiple system options for customizing system settings. The control panel originally appeared in Windows version 2.0 (1987).

However, starting with Windows 8, Microsoft decided to modernize the operating system, which included changing some of the setting options to a modern touch style.

Of course, the traditional Control Panel is still provided in the system until now, but many options have been migrated to the Settings application in the Windows 10 era.

There have been many previous rumors that Microsoft may delete the traditional Control Panel, which means that users can only use the Settings application if they adjust system options.

In the Windows 10 vNEXT Build 19587, Microsoft added the Hide System Control Panel call. This option literally means to hide the traditional version of the Control Panel, but currently, this measure is still in the code reference stage and has not been actually used.

However, this can be considered as a precursor to Microsoft’s hidden Control Panel. Next, users may only use the Windows 10 Settings reference to adjust settings.

Windows 10 vNEXT Build 19587 should be Windows 10 Version 2109/21H1, which is expected to be officially launched next spring.

Via: windowslatest