Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Haskell developers recommend migrating Haskell GHC to GitLab

1 min read

Haskell developer Ben Gamari released the email suggesting that the community migrate Haskell GHC, a Haskell compiler project, to GitLab.

Ben Gamari had made this recommendation a few weeks ago – consider migrating the basic development facilities of Haskell GHC to GitLab. However, he only provided one hour of test cases, which is obviously not enough to convince others to use GitLab.

Gitlab google cloud

This time, Ben Gamari is clearly prepared to promote his proposal again with a website that uses GitLab ( ). Ben Gamari also lists some of the benefits of moving to GitLab:

* a full import of Trac tickets (as of last week), including attachments

* continuous integration via CircleCI

* mirrors of all boot libraries

* the ability to login using GitHub credentials

There are a few issues that we are still working on sorting out:

* the timestamps associated with ticket open and close events aren’t quite right

* some milestone changes aren’t properly imported

* CircleCI currently fails on forks (this should be resolved shortly)

* we currently don’t import Trac Wiki pages

But Ben Gamari also admitted that all of these related features are problematic, but they are currently in a state of being resolved.

Ben Gamari said his final goal is still to switch to GitLab on December 18th, but now there are no relevant developers to respond to his proposal.