Hackers publish hundreds confidential information of politicians in Germany

Marriott Starwood Hotel Data Breach

In the past few weeks, hackers have leaked confidential data about German Chancellor Angela Merkel and hundreds of other politicians. This is the largest politician information leak in Germany so far. According to a preliminary assessment, this leaked information includes email addresses, mobile phone numbers, ID card photos, and personal chats.

The information was leaked over the past few weeks through a Twitter account called “@_0rbit“. The German Federal Information Security Agency (BSI) is currently investigating the matter. A BSI spokesperson did not disclose more detailed information in a telephone interview today, and other relevant German authorities have not commented on it.

In recent years, Germany has experienced a series of hacking incidents, including attempts to exploit the political foundations related to the CDU and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in 2017, and the attack of the German parliamentary network in 2015, when criminals stole 16G data.

For the hacking incident, in the information advertised by the hackers, there are two email addresses and one fax number related to Merkel. There are also some records that seem to be the conversation of the Minister of Economy, Peter Altmaier.