Grand Theft Auto VI is set to be the most expensive game of all time, costing between $1-2 billion

Among the games currently in production, should a poll be conducted, “Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)” might very well be the frontrunner. As a sequel in Rockstar Games’ flagship series, every move it makes garners substantial attention from players worldwide.

According to Dexetro Gaming, “Grand Theft Auto VI” could potentially be the most expensive game ever developed, with production costs estimated between one and two billion dollars. This staggering sum includes the initial capital for game development and the anticipated distribution of marketing costs. Regardless of perspective, such a budget is astounding, coupled with a lengthy development cycle, signifying that Rockstar Games is shouldering considerable risk throughout the process.

Grand Theft Auto VI

Rockstar Games has always been willing to invest heavily in development. The production cost for the predecessor, “Grand Theft Auto V”, reached $265 million. However, the high investment yielded high returns, as the title consistently ranks at the top of various game sales charts, generating over $3 billion in revenue for Rockstar Games. The company’s investment in “Red Dead Redemption 2” was also significant, with estimated costs of around $944 million.

It’s understood that “Grand Theft Auto VI” will feature the series’ largest map, and the most mission content, and even provide space for multiplayer experiences. Last year, over 90 in-game demonstration videos of “Grand Theft Auto VI” were leaked, along with some of the source code, causing quite a stir among the gaming community and players. Fortunately, the leaked content pertained to early development, and Rockstar Games managed the situation promptly.