Google: Windows 7 no longer works for building Chromium

The highly acclaimed Windows 7 system has officially ended its life cycle, and Microsoft no longer provides security updates for this version even if vulnerabilities are discovered.

In terms of browsers, Google Chrome is still providing support for Windows 7. If it were not for the coronavirus epidemic, Google would end support in the middle of next year.

However, because the epidemic took into account that some companies and institutions may not be able to upgrade their systems in time, Google Chrome still provides support for the Windows 7 version.

The last support date is January 15, 2022. After this date, new versions of Google Chrome will no longer support running on Windows 7 systems.

Chromium is an open-source browser project led by Google, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft browser, etc. are built on the basis of this version.

Currently, the project is still supporting Windows 7 system, but Google engineers stated in the latest email that developers need to upgrade the Windows 7 operating system.

Although not mentioned before, Google is now ready to no longer allow developers building Chromium browsers through Windows 7, because this operating system is already insecure.

If the developer’s Windows 7 operating system is hacked due to a vulnerability, the browser built may also be toxic and cause a wider range of supply chain attacks.

When developers continue to use the system to build the Chromium browser, they will see an error, which will remind developers that they need to upgrade to Windows 10.

It is worth noting that both Google browser and Chromium browser still continue to support the Windows 7 system, which is to the beginning of the following year.

It’s just that developers can’t use the old Windows 7 version to build the browser, so if you still use Windows 7, the current use of Google Chrome has no effect.