Microsoft develops a new voice launcher feature for Windows 10

As early as two years ago, there were rumors that Microsoft would develop a new voice assistant to replace Microsoft Cortana, but during this time we never saw the corresponding function.

Until recently, Microsoft brought a new voice launcher in the Windows 10 beta, and Microsoft hopes to use this voice launcher to improve user interaction.

From the functional design point of view, this function belongs to the Narrator application, which is a built-in application developed by Microsoft to help the disabled, which can perform automatic screen reading and voice operations.

The new voice launcher can effectively improve the user’s efficiency in the voice input. From the beta version, the voice launcher will automatically pop up when necessary.

The new voice launcher is still in the testing phase, and the main function provided in the testing phase is to automatically pop up in the Windows Search API text field.

It even supports the automatic addition of punctuation marks such as a period or question mark. What is different from the traditional version of Narrator is that the new voice launcher has adopted a modern design.

With the Narrator application, this should be a very good application for people with disabilities. It can greatly improve the user’s operational efficiency in text input.

Via: WindowsLatest