Google will start enabling Manifest V3 platform in 2023

Google announced that it will officially launch a new version of the Chrome browser extension platform, Manifest V3, starting with Chrome version 112, which will be launched in January 2023.
Manifest V3 was proposed by Google in 2019 with the aim of improving user privacy and operational performance, but it was not confirmed until earlier that it will be used with the Chrome 112 browser in January 2023. Starting in January in Chrome 112, Google will suspend the Canary, Dev, and Beta versions of the Chrome browser corresponding to Manifest V2, in order to attract more developers to move their content to Manifest V3. Google plans to remove all Chrome browser extensions that have not been moved to Manifest V3 starting in January 2024.
Hidden Chrome Features
However, not all extensions are currently migrated to the new platform smoothly. For example, many web page ad blocking extensions are developed with webRequest API, Google requires such development needs to use declarativeNetRequest API resources in the new regulations.

Therefore, before January 2024, it is expected that more developers will ask Google to adjust the restrictions or provide more development resources to facilitate the use of extensions originally built for the Chrome browser to the new platform.