Google Chrome will support AV1 hardcoding on Geforce RTX4090/4080 GPU

NVIDIA Geforce RTX4090/4080 already supports AV1 hardcoding, and it is estimated that all RTX40 series graphics cards support it.

Previously, the RTX30 series graphics cards only supported AV1 hardware decoding and did not support encoding, which is obviously not good for the Open Media Alliance to promote the AV1 codec.

Now native support for both codecs can significantly speed up the performance, instead of soft encoding that is extremely inefficient as before.

Chrome Geforce 4090 AV1 hardcoding

Google Chrome’s latest submission of approved code is for RTX40 series graphics cards, and Google Chrome will support AV1 hardcoding on these graphics cards.
Of course, this is code submitted for the Chromium open source project, so Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge will also support it.
When will users be able to use this feature? According to the commit log, the Chromium M107 version is supported and is expected to be released in October and November.

The premise is that you are using RTX40 series graphics cards, which are currently RTX 4090 and RTX 4080. By then, other RTX40 series graphics cards should be supported after they are released.