Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Google will improve Adaptive Battery function and bring new features to Pixel phones

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Google announced the updated plan of the Pixel phone, which will bring improved adaptive battery function and Bedtime feature in the Google Clock function to the Pixel phone.

Adaptive Battery 

The current adaptive battery function can automatically reduce the power consumption of some applications that are less used in the background according to the frequency of use of your application. The improved adaptive battery function can also predict battery power consumption through the system in the background all the time, to control the power consumption of the application running in the background in real-time so that the mobile phone battery life is longer.

Bedtime feature

The new bedtime function in the Clock app can help you regulate your sleep time, and automatically limit the notification push of your phone when you fall asleep. In addition, this new feature can also tell you what apps you use every day before going to bed, and when you use it.

Personal Safety Features

The Personal Safety app released with the Pixel 4 series is now available on all Pixel devices, and the Pixel 3 series phones will also support the app’s collision detection feature.

The Personal Safety app will also receive a new “Safety Check” function. If you want to go out and run alone, you can turn on the “Safety Check” function in the app and set the activity time. A pop-up window will pop up asking if you are safe. If you don’t make a timely choice, the phone will determine that you are in an unsafe state and will automatically share your address with your emergency contacts.

Google Recorder and Google Docs integration

Now you can start, stop or search for recordings by waking up the Google Assistant, such as: “Hey Google, start recording my meeting”, and text files that can directly convert your recording to Google Docs.

Via: XDA