Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Google unexpectedly released the Fuchsia OS RC01

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Developers have been waiting and eagerly awaiting the official launch of the operating system Fuchsia that Google is developing, but in fact, the company has barely acknowledged its existence so far. Fuchsia OS is an operating system developed by Google. It has been around for a long time, and it is reported that it is expected to replace Android within five years. It is suitable for a wide range of products, from mobile phones and laptops to IoT devices. Until today, this operating system has moved to the latest milestone, the first “release candidate.” Through Fuchsia’s codebase, developers noticed a branch called “releases/20190206_00_RC01.”

By this name, we can assume that Google created a “candidate version” on February 6th, which seems to mean “Release Candidate 01”, although we are not sure what the middle 00 two numbers mean. Why is this version named “release candidate” instead of alpha or beta? Usually, in accordance with the software industry development process, the candidate version is the last test phase before the software is released, but for a Fuchsia OS that does not even recognize the existence of the software, there is no indication that any such tests have been completed. Fuchsia OS is still a very early operating system.

Via: 9to5google