Google to completely shut down Google+ enterprise service in 2023

As early as 2018, Google had announced that it would shut down the Google+ service. Google+ is a social networking site launched by Google. There are also quite a few users who rely on Google+ to communicate. But in 2018, the service was found to have had multiple data breaches, instead of taking the risk of data breaches, it’s better to just shut it down, so Google decided to shut down the Google+ consumer version.

Google+ data breaches

This is hard for those loyal users of Google+, these users were forced to migrate en masse to other platforms to re-establish friendships. But at that time, Google believed that there was still a need for communication within the enterprise, therefore, after Google+ was closed, Google still retained the Google+ for G Suite service for enterprises. Enterprise employees can directly interact with executives on this internal service platform, chat, and send important or unimportant information at the same time.

Later, Google+ for G Suite changed its name to Google Currents to continue to provide services for enterprises, and the service will end support in 2023, because Google considers the platform to be completely obsolete.Google wrote in a blog post, “Last year, we introduced Spaces, a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. Since launching Spaces, many customers have told us that they appreciate the tight integration with Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, and the seamless collaboration experience. With Spaces now available, starting in 2023 we are planning to wind down Google Currents and bring remaining content and communities over to the new Spaces experience.