Google Chrome password management feature adds mute compromised passwords

Password leakage security checks have become standard in mainstream browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge can automatically check users’ passwords that have been leaked. This security mechanism will also detect duplicate passwords and weak passwords used by users, and then the browser will periodically pop up reminders to ask users to check and replace passwords.

However, in many cases we use weak passwords or the same password for a reason, for example, we may use the same password for administrative aspects such as routers. In the latest version of Google Chrome Canary v100.0.4886.0, it is possible to ignore password warnings for specific accounts after enabling the experimental option. Unlike Apple’s approach, Apple allows users to directly turn off all warnings, while Google currently only allows users to operate specific accounts to turn off warnings for specific accounts.

Therefore, if you use a lot of leaked passwords, you need to click to check and close them one by one, which is relatively troublesome, but this should also be Google’s intentional practice. Note that this feature is currently only supported in the Canary version, and it is estimated that it will take 1-2 months to reach the official version. Users of the Canary version can turn it on and try it out according to the steps.

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Head to chrome://flags page
  3. Search for “Mute & unmute compromised passwords in bulk leak check“, select Enabled in the dropdown for it

Once restarted, you do the following to use the new functionality:

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Autofill > Passwords, or load chrome://settings/passwords directly.
  2. Select the Check Passwords option to run a check for compromised and weak passwords.

Via: techdows