Google seems to have suspended its apps updates to iOS

Apple is updating the App Store policies at the latest. Newly submitted apps or releases of app updates need to submit privacy classification tags to inform users of the collected data.

Currently, applications such as Facebook have released updates and published collected data, such as the user’s name, email, social relationship, family relationship, and mobile phone number.

However, some companies are unwilling to publish the collected data and directly suspend application updates. For example, Google has temporarily stopped publishing updates for many applications.

Google has not updated its apps on the iOS platform since December, while the Android application has continued to update and has released multiple new versions and improvements.

If the updates are all suspended, it may be that Google temporarily suspended updates due to the Christmas holiday. However, the continued update of the Android app means that this is not due to the holidays.

Suddenly, there must be some reason for the sudden suspension of updates, and it seems that Google’s new privacy policy is the only way to suspend updates for some reason.

For now, none of Google’s apps have released updates, so these apps do not display privacy labels in the Apple Store and cannot provide detailed information.

The media believe that Google may be deliberately suspending updates to prevent the collected data from being discovered by the public. After all, the data collected by Google is not much less than that of Facebook.

For Google, the suspension of updates can only be dealt with temporarily, and it cannot be stopped forever, so in the later period Google will inevitably re-release updates and announce privacy labels. It is reasonable to guess that Google may be discussing privacy content at present.

Of course, Google has not yet issued any response to this matter, and it is not clear when Google will re-release new versions and improvements to its own applications.

Via: FastCompany