Microsoft Edge browser currently has 600 million users

Microsoft said in its recent engineer recruitment information that the number of users of the newly launched Microsoft Edge browser has reached 600 million.

Microsoft said that the newly joined Microsoft engineers will participate in the development of this browser, and is committed to providing the best browser experience for all users around the world.

However, in terms of the number of users, the data provided by Microsoft is really doubtful. After all, the current market share of the browser is just over 10% and there is a big gap with Google.

If 10% of the market share has 600 million users, wouldn’t the 70% market share of Google Chrome already have 4.2 billion users worldwide?

In view of the fact that the data disclosed this time is only in the recruitment information, it should not be regarded as official information. Microsoft has not announced the number of browser users in the official information.

We guess that Microsoft’s browser data may include data from older browsers, or that Microsoft will count all users who install the browser in the number of users.

Considering that Microsoft has already automatically pushed and installed the browser to all Windows 10 users through the system update function, the number of installations is indeed very large.

But the push-installed browser does not mean that users will be actively using it. Of course, Microsoft has not stated that these 600 million users are the actual active users of the browser.

However, the market share of 10% in just one year after the launch is already very impressive, and this growth rate is enough to threaten Google’s position.

Via: windowslatest