Github was reopened to Iranian developers

The US government announced two years ago that it would impose trade sanctions on Iran, Crimea, and Syria. This prevented US companies from providing services to users in these regions.

At that time, Microsoft’s code hosting platform Github had to comply with US government regulations, which prevented users in the aforementioned regions from continuing to access the platform.

Recently, Microsoft has reached an agreement with the US government to resume providing services, but at this stage, Microsoft can only resume services to Iran, excluding Crimea and Syria.

Github released a blog post announcing the removal of all access restrictions for Iranian developers, and Iranian developers can re-access all Github official tools.

Github CEO, Nat Friedman said that in the past two years Github has been able to prove how global developers use Github to promote human progress and international communication. “And separately, we took our case to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), part of the US Treasury Department, and began a lengthy and intensive process of advocating for broad and open access to GitHub in sanctioned countries.”

Next, Github will continue to communicate with the U.S. government to obtain similar permits for developers in Crimea and Syria so that developers can reuse them, etc.