Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Google will allow updates of Android pre-installed apps without requiring a user login account

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Under normal circumstances, if you use the Google Play Store to download or update your Android device, you need to register or log in to your Google account to operate. However, Google is in the process of developing a new plan to bypass the account login and update the app directly. This measure will support automatic update of Android 5.0 and above.

Google said the measure is designed to improve security because some users never use the Google Play Store and never upgrade their apps. Using an older version of the application for the user may raise security issues, after all, daily updates to the application often fix the discovered vulnerabilities and so on.

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However, as mentioned in the title, the automatic update only applies to pre-installed applications. In other cases, the installed application still needs to log in to update these apps. Of course, most of the applications pre-installed on Android are Google’s own, and other manufacturers will pre-install non-Google series applications.

Google will also provide users with setting options to disable automatic updates. Of course, users are advised to update based on security and experience. In this way, Google hopes to minimize the management cost of maintaining the old version of the application. For the developer, the maintenance of the old version is quite a headache.

It is unclear whether Google will open this policy in the future. If it is not limited to pre-installed applications, it may be better to update automatically without logging in to the account.

Via: AndroidPolice